“Enlightening Truths and Facts”

Ahle sunnat Research Centre is a non political and Non Profit Registered organisation located in Mumbai. It is affiliated with As Syed Mahmood Ashraf Darul tehqeeq wa tasneef. It is established with an aim to spread the true belief of Ahle Sunnat wa Jamat and to keep every Muslim on “Seerat – Al – Mustaqeem”.

In 2015, Shaykh Syed Muhammad Mahmood Ashraf ibn Izhar Ashraf Ashrafi ul Jilani (Sajjada Nasheen Aastana e Aaliya Hasania Ashrafia Sarkar e kala , Kichawcha Sharif, UP), a Sufi scholar, 39th descendant of Prophet Mohammed Sallalhu Alaihi wa salam, Established Ahle Sunnat Research Centre in Mumbai.

The Shaykh felt the need to inaugrate a centre where Muslim youngesters could get the true message of Islam, authentic references from Quran and Hadees, and the correct rulings of Fuqaha.

Hence , the main objective of the centre is to get published Islamic books written by Islamic researchers and Scholars on various topics into easy approach with research and translation in English, Urdu and Hindi.


Under the guidance and supervision of Shaykh Syed Mahmood Ashraf, A Group of Islamic Scholars, Constantly work on different subjects to publish books in Urdu, English and Hindi, their mission is to challenge the False Claims and Accusations made by the Deviant sects.


Ahle sunnat Research Centre does Social Service towards education and health/medical to serve humanity